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    These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with past college and university practices. Once approved by the University Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Labor Relations would draw up a written agreement to...
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    Examples of alternative methods of assessment include papers, presentations, annotations, or e-portfolios. CUNY is constantly reviewing additional steps that will ensure the safety of our meetings and its participants. Each campus will offer mental...
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    For the purposes of immunizations, therefore, requirements were waived for the Spring and Summer semesters. For Fall and Spring , however, the University has resumed online-only, hybrid, and in-person courses across the system. Each campus will be responsible for updating and maintaining immunization records consistent with New York State law, including waiving immunization requirements in CUNYFirst and resuming the collection of immunization documents when appropriate.
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    CUNYFirst has been updated to allow students to register without Service Indicators for missing immunization documents for the duration of distance learning. For students attending on-campus courses for any length of time, and taking 6 or more credits, the immunization requirements established by the New York State Department of Health are in effect for Fall and Spring The forbearance will be in effect for a period of at least 60 days, beginning on March 13, To request this forbearance, borrowers should contact their loan servicer online or by phone. Also, an automatic suspension of payments was authorized for any borrower more than 31 days delinquent as of March 13, , or who becomes more than 31 days delinquent. To request the forbearance or more details on the suspension of payments, borrowers should contact their loan servicer online or by phone. USDE will not treat any payment the borrower fails to make as a missed payment in the stream of six consecutive, on-time voluntary full monthly payments required to re-establish his or her eligibility for assistance under Title IV.
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    The Department will not treat any payment the borrower fails to make as a missed payment in the stream of three consecutive, on-time voluntary full monthly payments required to establish eligibility to consolidate a defaulted loan. Other Federal flexibilities were extended applicable through the end of the later of the payment period that includes December 31, or the payment period that includes the last date that the national emergency is in effect; such as when collecting certain documentation for Verification, waiving signature requirements where no responsible parent can be found, obtaining duplicate W-2 forms from IRS, and accepting a signed, dated statement from the applicant attesting to completion of high school.
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    As always, for more information, please contact Elaine Pimentel, Univ. Director of Financial Aid: elaine. The following guidance is in no way intended to excuse the obligation of any faculty, staff member or student from being familiar such policies when considering travel. Student and employee domestic and international travel should be postponed until further notice.

    Although waivers should remain exceptional, information about the petition process is available here. Waivers are required for any travel associated with employment or study, or if any funding from CUNY or disbursed through CUNY including colleges and related entities is involved. Personal travel is not subject to the petition requirement, but all personal travel disqualifies the traveler for paid sick leave pursuant to Chapter 25 of the NYS Laws of , per Executive Order If individuals arriving from non-contiguous U. These requirements do not apply to any individual passing through a non-contiguous state for a limited duration i. Note: This also applies to new hires and visiting scholars coming from outside New York. However, short-term visits from restricted domestic and international locations should be postponed until further notice, unless they can comply with the above quarantine requirements.
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    Planning for and Returning from Domestic and International Personal Travel: Pursuant to Chapter 25 of the NYS Laws of , CUNY employees shall not receive paid sick leave benefits or any other paid benefits provided by Chapter 25 if the employee is subject to a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine after travel for personal business i. Study Abroad Study abroad programming is currently suspended through summer A phased restart of study abroad programming will be announced as soon as conditions permit. In the meantime, international travel in non-CUNY study abroad programs is discouraged. Other Student Travel The following types of student travel under the auspices of CUNY or any CUNY college or student organization require approval, as described in the waivers and exceptions section: 1 to conduct research conducive to a dissertation or meeting other degree requirements; or 2 present research, scholarly or creative works at international conferences.
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    Faculty and Staff Travel Faculty and staff, with an approved waiver and subject to financial availability, will be allowed to engage in necessary travel. In traveling, faculty and staff must attest they understand any and all limitations that may be associated with their travel insurance when applicable and that CUNY assumes no responsibility for liabilities resulting from high-risk travel. For guidance on reimbursement from externally funded travel, faculty and staff must obtain a waiver petition approval before travel begins. Waivers and Exceptions Requests for exceptions to this policy will be submitted by campus Presidents or Provosts to the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost for due consideration and consultation with relevant CUNY central offices, including the Office of Global Education and Initiatives or the Office of International Students and Scholars in the case of incoming visitors , the Office of Environment, Health, Risk, and Safety, and the Office of General Counsel, prior to rendering a recommendation to the Chancellor.
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    Note that no petition will be considered without prior approval by the President or Provost. Among other relevant parameters, this review will consider: 1 national and local travel restrictions; 2 guidance established by local health authorities and the CDC for New York; and 3 the travel destination to limit the risk of exposure and geographic spread of COVID In traveling abroad, faculty, staff and students need to attest they understand any and all limitations of their travel insurance and that CUNY assumes no responsibility for liabilities resulting from high-risk travel. Details on the petition process are available here. The primary guidance for the following types of activity, which typically occurs within New York State, is found in the sections indicated below.
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    A travel waiver petition process is not required for these types of activities unless they take place out of state. Placements in internships involving on-site work outside of the New York State should only be finalized after the travel waiver has been approved. Travel by students in the Journalism School or Law School within New York State must follow enhanced campus procedures that account for current conditions, guidance specific to current standards in the profession, and compliance with applicable NYS law.
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    Campuses must collect waivers and maintain records of all such travel. However, domestic travel beyond New York and all international travel under academic auspices must receive prior authorization through the travel waiver petition process. The workshops were designed to give faculty first-hand experience of what it is like to learn online in an asynchronous environment in Blackboard across six areas, including: understanding the online learning environment; structuring the online learning experience; communicating and interacting online; online presence and engagement; effective online assessment; and course schedule and reflection.
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    Of the nearly 2, faculty who enrolled in the summer workshops, nearly 1, successfully completed. During Fall , these faculty taught 47, students across 2, courses. A total of faculty and staff successfully completed an October OTE workshop, and are currently participating in a January workshop, which began on January 5 and will conclude on January More than faculty have signed up to participate in the CUNY Summer Faculty Webinar Series: Special Topics in Innovative Pedagogy, a 4-week series in late July and August that will address Open Pedagogy and Mindset approaches for increasing student motivation and engagement in online and in-person settings. Finally, the Association for College and University Educators developed the Inclusive Teaching Practices Toolkit , a collection of curated resources that explains things that faculty can readily do to make their reaching even more inclusive.
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    These resources have been posted as a news item on the faculty affairs homepage and as a new item on the faculty academic continuity page. Thanks to your important preparations, all CUNY institutions now have distance education approved or are in the process of being approved as an alternative delivery method within the scope of accreditation. As a second step, CUNY institutions were preparing to submit notifications for each program to be offered in Spring As planning for Spring continues, working with Adult and Continuing Education units will continue to be important to ensuring that programs in adult literacy, industry credentials, vocational and pre-professional programs are offered as critical workforce and career pathway pipelines for students. Please note that the guidance presented herein complements University and New York State Reopening Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions regarding the safe re-opening of campuses and changes to instructional modalities and course schedules must be reflected and supported by campus re-opening plans which require approval by the University.
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    The guidance presented herein is subject to periodic updates which will be communicated in a timely fashion. As of August 2, we have 49, course sections scheduled for Fall , with Considerations: Instructional Modalities In determining the instructional modality of specific courses in degree, non-degree programs, and continuing education as part of the development of campus-specific reopening plans, college presidents in exercise of their authority and in observance of all pertinent University bylaws and policies shall continue to: Ensure that decisions be guided, first and foremost, by our commitment to equity and our obligation to protect the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff, along with our commitment to facilitate the maintenance of academic momentum and the achievement of learning outcomes for all students across CUNY. Ensure that the corresponding course schedule allows international students to receive some degree of in-person instruction to respond to a worst-case scenario in which recent changes to the rules governing the Student Exchange and Visitor Program are not overturned by political or legal means prior to the start of the Fall term.
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    Develop strategies to reduce the face-to-face components of courses that must be offered at least partially in-person through, for example, virtual labs, or that may require on-site examinations e. Extend classroom use during the day and at night to accommodate more class sections, working students, and optimize the use of academic spaces while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. Assess feasibility of shifting design of class schedules to create cohorts or sections of students e. Assess the impact of on-site instruction on the required number and type of staff needed to support the corresponding in-person student support services. Enhance communications with prospective and continuing students to ensure they have all the information and support they need to enroll in the courses they need to maintain momentum toward their degree. Coding of Instructional Mode In finalizing instructional modalities for Fall courses, colleges shall code courses according to the definitions circulated on June 3, and reproduced below for convenience: Value.
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    The Ultimate Guide to Passing the Algebra 2 Regents Exam May 21, by Anthony Persico How to Pass the Algebra 2 Regents Exam This ultimate guide to passing your Algebra 2 Regents exam will help you understand how the exam works, how the questions are structured, and how to study so that you can not only pass the Algebra 2 Regents, but score a 90 or above. The exam requires that students show an understanding of mathematical concepts, use prior knowledge and prerequisite skills, and solve real world problems using tools and formulas.
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    What topics are covered on the Algebra 2 Regents and which ones are the most important? Not all algebra topics and learning standards are represented equally on the regents exam. The graphics below via EngageNY. You can use this blueprint to help you prepare for the exam more strategically. While you should never skip any of the exam topics while preparing, you can use this information to prioritize what topics you plan on studying the most. By mastering these two strands alone, you will likely be able to pass the exam easily. How Long is the Algebra 2 Regents Exam? The Algebra 2 Regents exam lasts for three hours, although finishing the exam in less than three hours is common. However, students should not expect to be allowed to leave the testing site before the three hour deadline has been met. What is the format of the Algebra 2 Regents Exam?
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    The Algebra 2 regents contains four parts including both multiple-choice questions and constructed response questions. How many questions are on the Algebra 2 Regents Exam? There are a total of 37 questions on the Algebra 2 Regents Exam. However, all of the questions are not weighted the same. See the chart below via EngageNY. How many questions do you need to get correct to pass the Algebra 2 Regents? As of January , students are required to earn 30 total credits to get a passing score of For example, by answering 15 multiple choice questions correct 2 credits each , you would earn a passing score. What can I bring with me to the Algebra 2 Regents? Students are permitted to use a graphing calculator on all sections of the Algebra 2 Regents exam. Students will also be given access to a straightedge ruler for the entire duration of the exam. Pro Tip: Understanding how to use these tools is crucial to passing the algebra 2 regents exam.
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    What about the Algebra 2 Regents Reference Sheet? Review Past Algebra 2 Regents Exams Every Algebra 2 Regents exam with corresponding answer key and model answers from the past several years are available for free online. You can practice taking these exams at home to assess your readiness and determine areas of weakness that you can focus on while studying. Practicing these old exams is great way to familiarize yourself with the format of the exam, what kind of questions will be asked, and what your responses need to look like. Know Your Reference Sheet Be sure to familiarize yourself with the reference sheet before the exam and know what information and formulas are included on it as well as which ones are not. This information is valuable because you do not have to memorize the formulas on the reference sheet since they will already be given to you.
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    Pro Tip: If there is anything that you have memorized for the exam, write it down on your reference sheet as soon as the test begins. By transferring the information to paper, you are freeing up valuable mental energy that you can put towards the exam questions. Instead, you should space out your studying over several weeks leading up to exam day. In addition to working on past exam questions, you should review your Algebra 2 notes, practice problems, quizzes and tests as well.
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    One of the benefits of spacing out your studying is that it will give you opportunities to ask your Algebra 2 teacher for help before or after school. If you wait until the last minute to study, you will not have this option. Take Advantage of Free Resources There is no shortage of helpful, free resources to help you prepare for the Algebra 2 Regents. Many students like to use Algebra 2 Regents Review packets , take online prep courses , and study algebra 2 regents vocabulary flash cards.
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    By taking advantage of these free online resources, you will can give yourself plenty of practice and exposure to the topics that will be covered on the regents exam. Pro Tip: When you come across a practice question that you are struggling to solve, write down whatever questions you may have and flag the question until you can share it with your teacher or tutor the next time they are available. Understand The Big Topics If you are looking to not only pass the Algebra 2 Regents, but score a 90 or above, then you need to be sure that you have a strong understanding of the more difficult topics on the exam. If your goal is a high score on the regents, then you will need to focus a good amount of energy and study time on understanding expressions, equations, and inequalities as well as functions. Here are a few free video lessons on these topics if you could use some extra practice: Are you looking for help with passing the Algebra 1 Regents and Geometry Regents?
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    Part 1 Part 1 consists of 28 multiple-choice questions. There is no strict recall in this section; all of these questions will be based on stimuli what they call documents such as posters, letters, speeches, etc. There will be nine to ten total stimuli, so each stimulus will be followed by about two to three questions. Part 2 In Part 2, there will be two sets of paired documents always primary sources.
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    For each pair of documents, students will answer with a short essay about two to three paragraphs, no introduction or conclusion. For the first pair of documents, students will need to describe the historical context of the documents and explain how the two documents relate to each other. For the second pair, students will again describe the historical context of the documents then explain how audience, bias, purpose, or point of view affect the reliability of each document. Part 3 Part A: Students will be given a set of documents focused on a civil or constitutional issue, and they'll need to respond to a set of six short-answer questions about them.
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    Part B: Using the same set of documents as Part A, students will write a full-length essay the Civic Literacy essay that answers the following prompt: Describe the historical circumstances surrounding a constitutional or civic issue. Even though the format of the US History Regents test is changing, the topics the exam focuses on are pretty much staying the same. Because the US History Regents exam is being revamped for , all the old released exams with answer explanations are out-of-date. They can still be useful study tools, but you'll need to remember that they won't be the same as the test you'll be taking. Fortunately, the New York State Education Department has released a partial sample exam so you can see what the new version of the US History Regents exam will be like.
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    In this section, we go over a sample question for each of the four question types you'll see on the test and explain how to answer it. Multiple-Choice Sample Question Base your answers to questions 1 through 3 on the letter below and on your knowledge of social studies. For myself, I was escorted through Packingtown by a young lawyer who was brought up in the district, had worked as a boy in Armour's plant, and knew more or less intimately every foreman, "spotter," and watchman about the place.
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    I saw with my own eyes hams, which had spoiled in pickle, being pumped full of chemicals to destroy the odor. I saw waste ends of smoked beef stored in barrels in a cellar, in a condition of filth which I could not describe in a letter. I saw rooms in which sausage meat was stored, with poisoned rats lying about, and the dung of rats covering them. I saw hogs which had died of cholera in shipment, being loaded into box cars to be taken to a place called Globe, in Indiana, to be rendered into lard. Finally, I found a physician, Dr. William K. Jaques, Woodland avenue, Chicago, who holds the chair of bacteriology in the Illinois State University, and was in charge of the city inspection of meat during , who told me he had seen beef carcasses, bearing the inspectors' tags of condemnation, left upon open platforms and carted away at night, to be sold in the city.
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    This means you'll never need to pull an answer out of thin air you'll always have information from the stimulus to refer to , but you will still need a solid knowledge of US history to do well. To answer these questions, first read the stimulus carefully but still efficiently. In this example, Sinclair is describing a place called "Packingtown," and it seems to be pretty gross. He mentions rotting meat, dead rats, infected animals, etc. Once you have a solid idea of what the stimulus is about, read the answer choices some students may prefer to read through the answer choices before reading the stimulus; try both to see which you prefer. Option 1 doesn't seem correct because there definitely doesn't seem to be much regulation occurring in the meatpacking plant. Option 2 seems possible because things do seem very unhealthy there. Option 3 is incorrect because Sinclair mentions nothing about wages, and similarly for option 4, there is nothing about state laws in the letter.
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    Option 2 is the correct answer. Short Essay This Short Essay Question is based on the accompanying documents and is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. Each Short Essay Question set will consist of two documents. Some of these documents have been edited for the purposes of this question. Keep in mind that the language and images used in a document may reflect the historical context of the time in which it was created.


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