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    In the inital wave there will only be one blue Riddler bot, so you should be able to easily dodge him while disposing of the others, bringing in the bat to deal the final blow. The second wave has four reds and two blues, so take control of Catwoman...
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    As usual on the way down the Riddler will mock you and insult your intelligence. When the elevator stops, you'll find yourself facing a massive circular drain full of water. Riddler will demonstrate what you need to do in order to complete this...
  • Batman Arkham Knight – Riddler’s Revenge Quest Trial (10/10) Final Exam

    Once again, grind your way back up the wall and exit the Batmobile. This time however, there is a hazard inside the hole on the far wall. An electric floor will be set up just inside. While the electric plate isn't instantly lethal, it will damage you making the upcoming fight harder to survive. When you step onto the pressure plate, Riddler bots will spawn from the electric floor area and attack. Thankfully they are all Batman's colour, meaning you can freely bash the ever-loving crap out of them without getting shocked. The downside is the area is small and the electric floor is still active, so your attacks may move you onto it.
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    Be very careful about this as the cheap damage can make you lose the fight. Once the Riddler bots are scrap, the electric panels will deactivate making it easy to reach the egress. Grapple back up to the top of the drain yet again. This time, you will need to do some prep work before you can use grab point number three. Move the Batmobile over to grab point two and rotate the ring so that the path over at point three is clear you should be able to rotate the turret to check. Once it is, roll back up the wall and attach yourself to point three.
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    As usual you'll have to work out a board to reveal the key Catwoman should take in the orphanage. Phew, that puzzle was very aptly named. Pinkney Orphanage - Advanced Deathtraps Return to the orphanage and meet up with Catwoman in the usual place on the tiled floor. After a brief chat approach the lit door to the new room and tromp inside. To begin with, Batman will need to stand on a pressure switch in the corner of the room. Swap to Catwoman and use her ceiling climb ability to move through the now open gap into the next room and stand on this pressure plate.
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    For this puzzle, the entire floor looks electrified, but a path for each character is safe. On the opposite wall for each is a set of light-bulbs that display the safe path for the other character. As a character progresses, the lights on their wall will light up more, revealing more of the path for the other character. This puzzle is a matter of following the path and swapping between characters to reveal more of the path.
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    Partway through the lights showing the path will spin, which is more of an annoyance than anything. Once they are both done, the wall will drop and there will be bots to fight. Once they are gone, a key will show up for Catwoman. Ranelagh Ferry Terminal - Condamned Race time. Good luck. You are going to need it. Well, I suppose I can elaborate a bit. This is the culmination of all of your driving skills. The track is difficult and you are given just a little bit over enough time to get through so you can stuff up a total of once and still pass. One of the key things to spot here is the colour differentiation between certain Riddler objects. The whirling blades can have three colours, red, a blue green and a more vibrant green. Keep this in mind as you rumble around the track. The course will also as expected get progressively harder with the final lap being the worst.
  • BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT Most Wanted Riddler's Revenge Batman & Catwoman Puzzle Room #2

    In the final lap, the Riddler will take control of his devices which makes no difference really as the hazard movements are timed not random. However the deathtraps become much more dangerous and harder to avoid. I hope you've refined your driving skills to a razor edge as you are going to need them to defeat this 'riddle. How is this a riddle anyway? Pinkney Orphanage - Final Exam Notes for this: Catwoman can climb via the roof into the pit and step on the boxes pressure pads on the boxes to stop them from moving. Boxes can be pushed or pulled by shooting them with the REC gun. The goal is to move the gaps into position underneath the lasers that appear. Blades will come at you after each completed puzzle. Stand where there is no blade and she will duck underneath the pole.
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    It is safe for Catwoman to drop down into a gap when the blades move, to avoid being hit by blades with no effort. Blades will move along the pole after the second is completed thus changing which rows are safe for Catwoman to stand on. After the third, the blades will not stop moving but will continue to slice across the whole room, the exit is on the roof where you came in from. Assuming lasers and gaps are in same position each time.
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    Pinkney Orphanage - Riddler Boss Battle After you re-enter the orphanage with your completed riddles, approach the podium with a question mark to begin the final fight against the riddler. After the customary mocking you expect from the Riddler, the energy cube around him will vanish and a swarm of riddler-bots will emerge from the ground of the arena. Initially the bots will all be set to the blue colour allowing you to attack them freely. However, Riddler has a few little surprises to make the fight more difficult: Smackdown - When you get very close to the Riddler, he will join his large robot's fists together and slam them down towards you, dealing significant damage.
  • Collecting All Batman: Arkham Knight’s Riddler Trophies? Read This First

    Avoid getting too close or quickly dodge away to avoid this. Optic laser - Riddler will pull back his large robot's arm for half a second and then thrust it forward, firing a large green beam in a line from where he is facing. Deals significant damage. Dodge to the side to avoid this attack. Colour change beam - This is the real kick in the teeth attack. This swaps his smaller riddler-bots colours from red to blue or from blue to red.
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    Thus making life rather complicated for you. In the beginning things will be fine, until he begins using his colour change beam liberally on his minions. The idea here is to get rid of all the blue ones you can ignoring and avoiding the red riddler-bots until only red ones remain. This will trigger the appearance of Catwoman, allowing you to continue the fight. Quickly tear through the remaining bots until only the Riddler remains. When all the lesser bots are destroyed, the Riddler will hunch down and begin summoning additional riddler-bots. Use this time to observe the colour of the screen in front of the Riddler and attack him in the face with the relevant character blue for Batman, red for Catwoman. After taking about a third of his health in damage, he will stand up again and a second wave will appear. Continue the alternating character beatings and team takedowns until the Riddler is alone once again, then check the screen and beat his face.
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    This will repeat for a third time before his health is finally exhausted and you can bring an end to his fiendish plans riddles? I'll show you riddles, damn you!
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    This time, the Riddler has taken Catwoman hostage and he would like for Batman to come play a game in order to free her. Upon arrival, it is discovered that she has been fitted with an explosive collar, one that will need to be unlocked by finding a series of keys to count down her 9 lives Riddler is so clever. Of course, in order to obtain these keys you will have to complete a serious of difficult challenges: both with Catwoman, and alone. The last of these rooms is called Final Exam, a room that really sets out to kill you. In that large room are a bunch of Riddler floor switches surrounded generators. On either side of the room are saw-blades ready to rend any unsuspecting superheroes into mincemeat. Upon trying to descend into the aforementioned area, you will be greeted by a giant wall of iron spikes. What you will need to do is have Catwoman jump up to the ceiling so she can drop down into the room with the switches.
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    In the room you will notice that there are empty spaces among the Riddler floor switches. You may have also noticed the beam of light coming from the ceiling. Your mission is to shift the rows and columns of floor switches so that the beam of light goes into an empty space. How are you supposed to move these blocks without all of them moving together? Shift the remaining blocks over as needed until the empty space is directly under the light. Once you accomplish this quickly switch over to Catwoman. The saw-blades on the side of the room will trigger. Just look for the gap and crouch there.
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    They will go back and forth a few times before resting. Then prepare to dodge the blades again. For the third round you will have to clear spaces for two lights instead of one, but it is no more challenging than the first round. The only major difference is that the saws after the third round of lights never ends. You have to make your way back to the upper level.
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    Head towards the exit of the orphanage to call it day. Oh wait, we should probably mention that when you try to exit a huge, electrified mech manned by none other than the Riddler himself is out to kill both you and Catwoman along with a small army of color-coded Riddler bots. He tasks Batman with completing all of his challenges riddles, trophies, breakable objects in order to earn a fight against him. Catwoman is now safe, but you have your work cut out for you if you hope to put this maniac behind bars for good.
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    Be sure to check out our Batman: Arkham Knight wiki for guides, tips, tricks, and more. Connect with us. Continue Reading. DP assessment procedures measure the extent to which students have mastered advanced academic skills in fulfilling these goals, for example:. In addition to academic skills, DP assessment encourages an international outlook and intercultural skills, wherever appropriate. Student results are determined by performance against set standards, not by each student's position in the overall rank order. Examinations form the basis of the assessment for most courses.
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    If you haven't already been directed to get it during the Main Story, you can find it at any time just by heading to the GCPD's Evidence Locker and finding it in a glass case - and break it to take it. Return once again to the Orphanage and enter the last room marked Final Exam. In the room beyond the key, you'll spot a lazer coming from the ceiling and rows of green panels with generators along the walls. There are two holes in the floor, and you will need to manipulate the panels by moving them with an REC blast to a generator on that row or column to push or pull and move the gap around. You will also need to further manipulate pulling panels by having Catwoman climb over the ceiling and stand on a panel to lock it in place. To start, have Catwoman stand on a panel adjacent to the one with a lazer, and make sure that a hole is on the same row or column, then push or pull the panels to create a hole for the lazer.
  • Batman Arkham Knight Riddler Final Exam

    As you do, quickly run back to the edge as Catwoman and jump to the ceiling - The Riddler will activate moving buzz saws that can be a pain to dodge. Now the Riddler will have two lazers active, so again use Catwoman to create a space for making a gap that the lazer can go into the pit, do it for both lazers, and the run back to the ceiling again before the buzz saws come out. The last segment will have two lazers just one space apart on the bottom row. Move the two gaps down to the top row farthest from the lazers , then have catwoman stand on the column between the two lazers as you pull the remaining panel to the left. Now swap the gap in the middle to the bottom where the lazer is, and repeat the process to swap the gap at the top left to the bottom, and the puzzle will be complete.


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