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    Explain where he may find this information and enquire the next day if he found it. Offer to search the zip code together on the USPS website. Explain where he can locate this information and ask if there is anything else you can help with. How...
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    You make no effort to assist the customer or answer his query. Response 2: This response demonstrates service orientation as you explain where the customer can find the information. You also enquire the next day to ensure that the customer succeeded...
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    It consists of full-length USPS practice tests, extra drills, study guides, pro tips, and hacks all updated for My other feedback would be to take the practice tests as often as you can before you apply for the position because once you apply, you have to take the Exam within 3 days. I had no prior experience with postal service exams and thought it would be good to practice. The practice questions themselves were eye-opening in terms of what to expect from the real exam. The Personality Practice and the Work Scenario tests were challenging and really helped me think about my answers in terms of what the employer was looking for. I received several conditional offers and was eventually hired. The test is one of the four new assessments the USPS uses since April , following the retirement of the old exam.
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    High failure rates support this need. Unfortunately, a number of scam operators pose as firms that offer Postal job and exam assistance. This alert warns consumers how to avoid being ripped-off by scammers when searching for genuine help. Postal Service or to be a non-profit organization, this frequently happens. The Postal Service does not charge any fee to take their exams, and they do not sell Postal job or exam guides. Regardless of any claims made, if they ask you for money, they are definitely not affiliated with the U. Postal Service. But when scam operators try to rip you off, they go for the big bucks. And exam scores depend upon a number of variables including the complexity of the test, the inherent aptitude of an applicant, and how diligently an applicant prepares for the exam. It is simply not possible to guarantee a job or a certain score because there is no way to control these variables.
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    He explains that he wants to send a parcel to his friend, but only has his street address and is missing the zip code. He is not sure how to locate this information. Please select the action you How would you act in this situation? Check the full solution and explanation here Competency: Service Orientation Most Likely: 3 Least Likely: 1 Response 1: This response fails to demonstrate service orientation. You make no effort to assist the Postal Exam You also enquire the next day to ensure that the customer succeeded in retrieving the information he needed free practice test postal exam on the information you had provided. Response 3: You demonstrate great service orientation skills as you offer to help find the zip code, and by doing so together, you can show the customer how to locate this information in the future.
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    Response 4: This is a good response that demonstrates service orientation as you explain where the customer can find the information and ask the customer if there is anything else you can assist with before ending the interaction. Battery Exam However, you fail to ensure that the customers' needs were met and that he actually retrieved the information he needed based on the information you provided. How to Prepare for the Postal Exam? To significantly increase your chances to ace the test, it's crucial to practice the same question types as on the real test and learn the best ways to answer them. This will help you get acquainted with every question you might stumble on, eliminate the element of surprise, and boost your confidence.
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    It consists of full-length USPS practice tests, extra drills, study guides, pro tips, and hacks all updated for My other feedback would be to take the practice tests as often as you can before you apply for the position because once you apply, you have to take the Exam within 3 days. The practice questions themselves were eye-opening in terms of what to expect from the real exam. The Personality Practice and the Work Scenario tests were challenging and really helped me think about my answers in terms of what the employer was looking for.
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    I received several conditional offers and was eventually hired. The test is one of the four new assessments the USPS uses since Aprilfollowing the retirement of the old exam. Postal Exam Update The Virtual Entry Assessment — MC is a compulsory screening step that you must take and pass if you want to become a mailman. Once you receive this status you can only retake the test after a 12 month period.
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    The difficult nature of the exam and the knowledge that you only have one chance to pass per year, increases the anxiety levels. That is why it is highly recommended to start preparing for the exam as early as possible. Tell Free practice test postal exam Your Story — this section will present you with questions about aspects of any previous job positions you may have held. You will also be asked about your attendance record, your working relationship with your peers, and how your supervisor may evaluate your performance. Section 2. Describe Your Approach — this section asks you questions that relate to how you handle other people, your approach towards specific parts of your work, and how you would react on a personal level, when placed in certain conditions. Section 3. Work Scenarios Work Situations — in this section you will be given descriptions of possible work situations and then asked how you would react in those work situations.
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    Ace The Usps Exams Prev. Upon inspecting the details of the form, you notice that the zip code of the recipient is missing. Inform them that you will not be able to accept the parcel without the zip code. Ask them to contact their relative for their zip code. Tell them that they can search for the zip code online. Offer to search for the zip code in the USPS database and have the customer confirm it if possible. Postal Service Practice Test Instead, this question is put in the postal exam because the organization wants to measure just free practice test postal exam helpful you are towards customers, especially those who are not familiar with how the requirements of sending in parcels based on how much details have to be in the forms.
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    Option D would show that you are not just a candidate that would shrug off a customer just because they messed up an application form for their parcel and call it a day. This will allow the USPS to know that you are willing to go the extra mile to show how friendly and helpful employees of the postal service is. Free Postal Exam Practice Tests Update Option A can be considered as the least likely course of action that you should take as you are not being helpful even though the situation can easily be solved.
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    Describe Your Approach: I value accuracy over speed. ANSWER Correct Answer: Either Highly Agree or Agree Explanation: As a postal officer, it is vital that every parcel, letter, or package is sent to the right recipient, meaning you must be able to deliver them to the correct house or apartment unit no matter how confusing or large the area is. How Long is Postal Exam? The Virtual Entry Assessment is a self-administered assessment that is typically completed in about 45 minutes. The exam must be completed within 72 hours 3 days of submitting an application for a job.
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    This time limit is also present in the virtual entry assessmentwhich is primarily used for mail handler applicants, the virtual entry assessmentwhich is for clerks and operators, and the Postal Exam for associates and customer service representatives. Test For Orientation Guide Major Entry-Level Jobs As there is a very limited amount of time available for preparations after applying, so it is advisable to start practicing for the exam as soon as you decide you wish to become a mailman. Thus, ideally, you should enroll in our preparatory Postal Exam course prior to applying for a job. Just make sure to plan to sit the exam near the end of your three day time period. This gives you at least a couple of days to prepare using our prep course. The maximum score you can achieve on one of the exam, as well as the VEA, andis You will need to achieve a score of at least 70 in order to pass. You can find out what score you attained upon completion of your test by logging into your candidate profile on the USPS website.
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    You will be tested on how fast and accurately you can compare two lists. Postal workers must be able to differentiate between two addresses to determine if they are the same or different destinations. Address differences include different spelling or transposed numbers. The questions are multiple choice. Questions include an address with street or P. Box, city, and state in the first column of each list and a ZIP Code in the second column. The example below shows the address on the left and the Zip Code on the right in each list. You will compare the Correct List on the left to the List to be Checked on the right. You are required to determine if the address to be checked is exactly the same or different as the address and Zip Code on the Correct List.
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    You must determine if the address and Zip Code is exactly the same or different including the numbers, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. You will make your selections from the list below: A is selected if there are no errors, everything is exactly alike. B is selected if only the addresses are different. C is selected if only the Zip Codes are different.
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    D is selected if both the address and Zip Code are different. Prior to starting the exam you will be given two sample exercises of several questions each to familiarize you with the process. The examiners do this to introduce you to what is expected on the exam and the answer sheets for these practice exams are in the exam booklet, not a separate page. Complete the four sample questions that follow to better understand the process. However, the ZIP Code is different. The third and fourth digits in the zip code on the List to be Checked are reversed.
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    Question S2 You will find the addresses have different spellings. The Zip Codes are identical. Question S3 The address and Zip Code of both lists are identical. Question S4 You will find the street address and Zip Code numbers are different. The Correct List street number is and the list to be corrected street number is The last two digits of the first five Zip Code numbers are reversed.
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    Before starting the actual practice exams for address checking there are a number of techniques you can use to improve your score and to improve your efficiency so that you will have more time to devote to the exam. These techniques and a full length practice exam is printed in the 4th edition of "Post Office Jobs. There will be 6 questions for each of five different forms on the exam. Before starting the actual test the examiners will give you a 2 minute exercise with several questions that you will answer. These questions are not graded. After the introductory exercise you will start the actual exam. Refer to the Domestic Return Receipt form on the next page to answer the first two sample questions for practice and use the same for the first six questions of the timed exam.
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    Where do you enter the address for the recipient on this form? Box 3 Front C. Box 3 and 10 C. The letter will be sent certified. Each certified letter has an article number. What two blocks must be filled out to designate a certified mailing? Box 10 and 1 C. Questions can be tricky if you read more into the question than what is presented.
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    In this example, all certified mailings are assigned an article number that is listed in block 4 and you would check the certified box in block 5. Even though the remainder of the form must be filled out before it can be processed, the question is only asking about what must be filled out to designate a certified mailing. Focus on what they give you in the question, the known facts. Study Guide For a complete practice exam with guidance and ways to score higher on your test pick up a copy of Post Office Jobs. Also, explore and apply for all job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment.
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    Introduction This is a common section in all the VEA versions. It contains a brief paragraph on the history of the postal services, jobs mapped to the test you are writing, necessary instructions and one sample question for each constituent section. Work Scenarios The Work Scenarios segment is common for all versions of the VEA though, as mentioned earlier, it is christened differently in This section assesses your intrinsic situational awareness in a typical work environment. Questions are of multiple choice behavioural type. Each has a write-up followed by different possible responses. If it so appears that none of the options appear most likely or least likely to you, pick the closest ones. On the face of it, there is no right or wrong response.
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    You are expected to answer the question based on how you would respond to a similar situation in real-life. However, keep in mind the increasing focus on soft skills, customer centricity and importance of being a solid team player. That should help you pre-empt the desirable skills being looked for. Nonetheless, ensure you are happy with your choice before you move on to the next question. You are not allowed to go back to the previous question after you have moved ahead! These are generally in-built test mechanisms to check your behavioural consistency on situational judgement. Being honest and consistent is the key! Sample Question 1 You are approaching the lunch hour in your shift. It is the Holiday season and your day has been really busy. A customer comes in and asks to check if she can redirect the shipment she had sent a while back. This is usually a time taking activity that might delay your lunch break. Select the action you will be most likely to take and the action you will be least likely to take while attending to the customer.
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    Response: Option 1 is not the best recommended option. You manage not to delay your lunch break. You also help her by informing of the option to check eligibility online. However, in effect, her actual query still remains unaddressed and the customer is likely to leave unsatisfied. Option 2 is far from ideal. You are only finding an excuse of not doing your job. In addition, you are needlessly redirecting customers to an escalation authority. This is not expected from a customer-centric team member role. This should thus be the least desirable option. Option 3 could result in an irate customer. Even though you offer to help her checking for eligibility, the prolonged wait could leave you with an unhappy customer. Option 4 should be the most desirable. Irrespective of it being a busy day, the time taking nature of the task or impending lunch break, you do what you are supposed to do in the first place. You go the extra mile to ensure a satisfied customer experience.
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    Sample Question 2 It is a busy Monday morning. There are lots of work to be done but you see your colleague continuously fidgeting and moving away from his desk for prolonged periods. You anticipate by the end of the day there will be a slippage in the work assigned to your team. Select the action you will be most likely to take and the action you will be least likely to take in this scenario. Even though you think that you have taken corrective option beforehand by reporting to the Postmaster, this reflects bad team-spirit. It could create a negative team environment and impact working relationship with your colleague in future. Option 2 is also not the most favoured option. While you proactively take additional work, the actual issue remains unaddressed. If the colleague is intentionally shirking work, you might end up with an errant colleague and unfair workloads to cover for him in future too.
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    Option 3 should be the most desirable option. You show positive team spirit and open communication by talking to your team member about a perceived issue. You also find an opportunity to resolve the situation without escalating or hindering teamwork. Your colleague might be having genuine problems and would really appreciate some help from the team in times of need. Option 4 should be the least desirable.
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    Talking about a colleague behind his back and instigating others to get him reported must never be encouraged in a well-functioning team environment. It contains questions specifically related to your past work experience. Understand that this is the place in the assessment where any information you submitted earlier as part of the application process may be corroborated. Therefore, while answering this section, make sure all details that you shared in previous phases dovetail with the responses you provide here. Be careful that all specifics on past work events, gap in employment etc, tally exactly. Needless to say, you are expected to be absolutely honest while presenting the facts. Any inconsistency may be the ground for immediate ineligibility. As in earlier sections, check your response before you move on to the next question. You may not go back to earlier questions.
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    Ensure you have exact dates for important employment events. This should avoid any inadvertent discrepancy while taking this test. It is also by far the segment with the most number of questions. All questions are behavioural types and are meant to gauge your personality fitment to the role you are applying for. You would be typically presented with a combination of two statements say, statements A and B and required to choose your response on a subjective scale — Most like statement A, Somewhat like statement A, Somewhat like statement B, Most like statement B. Since these are behavioural questions meant to assess your personality traits, there can be no obvious right or wrong answer.
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    But if you have researched the job role well, you may still guess the desired behaviours. Best bet, be honest. As in other parts involving behavioural questions in all VEA versions, there are checks and balances internally to weed out attempts to con the system. There can be complementary questions and you need to be careful so as not to get flagged for behavioural inconsistency. Note that, it is highly probable that neither of the two statements will exactly describe your approach. Pick up the statement that reflects more like you usually behave. Trust your gut! Identify which of the following statements describes you best: Response: Respond to reflect your general approach to work. Keep in mind the kind of behaviour that would likely be expected from you in the position you are applying for. For example, work in carrier, mail handling or mail processing roles can be very repetitive and mostly follow a defined set of activities. If you largely like jobs with lots of variations, you might sooner or later feel your work dull or tedious in these roles.
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    Obviously it will not imply a great fitment. On the other hand, customer service clerk jobs in sales, service or distribution might have to deal with different situations with different customers. As the nomenclature suggests, the goal is to find how adept you are at identifying differences between two separate numbers. The test itself looks deceptively simple. There would be 12 questions in total and you may expect them to be presented in groups of four.
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    Each number would be an 8-digit string. Be careful and vigilant as you check out the number strings. As soon as you find the first anomaly, do not check any further. In case you find it difficult to visually check and compare entire strings, feel free to devise your own ways — you may start from the left and check two numerals each or divide in groups of four. It should be fairly easy with rigorous practice. You may also want to say out the numbers aloud or use a stylus, pen or pencil tip as an aid if that helps to focus. Be confident of your responses before you move on to the next set of questions.
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    You would not be allowed to move back to the previous set. If there are 4 or more consecutive zeros, check carefully — that sequence might hide a possible mismatch. PRO TIP 8: Even though it is nowhere explicitly stated in either the or versions, you may benefit by working this section quickly and, of course, correctly! It appears that the internal mechanism may keep a tab on the time taken to complete this section. It could be advantageous to complement accuracy with speed to jack up your score. Sample Question 4.


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