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  • Should We Abolish The Electoral College?

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  • Electoral College Dbq Answers

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  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Essay

    Should the Electoral College Be Abolished? He was solicitor general of the United States from to They do not, however, elect the president directly. This is a feature of the kind of government we have chosen from the beginning in which the states are important subsidiary in some instances, primary units of government. Sometimes there will be a divergence between who is chosen by the Electoral College and who wins the popular vote, and that disparity can act as a caution to the elected president. But when the elected president's party controls the House and Senate, caution is less likely. Even after a civil war and two world wars, the states control a large measure of the laws, administration and finance that have an impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. The states have their own political cultures, personalities and traditions which persist in spite of our far more transient population, an interconnected national economy and national news media.
  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished?

    In order to reflect this mode of governance, the interactions between the national government and the states in important matters often utilize the local units and personnel. The notion is that the states are not simply administrative units of the national government or its local offices. In that context it is quite appropriate that the head of state is elected state-by-state, albeit by popular vote in each state. That way at the most focused democratic moment, every four years the candidates and parties must take the states into account.
  • The Electoral College Should Be Abolished

    And sometimes it will happen that, as this year, there will be a significant divergence -- millions of votes -- between who is chosen by the Electoral College and the winner of the overall popular vote. Sometimes that disparity can act as a caution to the elected president, but where the House and Senate are in the hands of the elected president's party that caution is less likely to operate. I take states seriously and value federalism, but in a different way than do most defenders of the status quo. Consider the fact that each state picks its own president-equivalent — its governor — quite directly: one person, one vote.
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    All votes are counted equally and in close races recounted carefully. America should copy this state-tested model when choosing the governor of us all: the president. The fact that no state uses an Electoral College for its governor suggests that many standard arguments for the Electoral College — recount nightmares, fairness for rural areas, etc. If these arguments were truly sound, then states are stupid. And states are not stupid. Future direct national elections could happen, even without a constitutional amendment if the two major presidential candidates in themselves agreeing, solemnly and publicly long before Election Day, to abide by the national popular vote. Keep your eye on Indeed, direct presidential election would harness state creativity in exciting ways. Currently, states have little incentive to encourage voting. A state gets a pre-set number of electoral votes regardless of voter turnout. But in a direct election system, states with higher turnout would have more clout in the final tally, giving state governments incentives to encourage voting.
  • The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

    States may do this different ways — early voting in some states; same-day registration in others; making Election Day a holiday in still other jurisdictions. Federal oversight would be necessary to keep state competition within fair boundaries, but state creativity could drive a race to the top — democratic experimentalism and federalism at their best. Some states are already experimenting with a creative plan for future presidential races. Under the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that has gained momentum in recent years, states in the compact are promising that, if enough states ultimately join the bandwagon, these states will give their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner.
  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Essay Dbq

    What if some noncooperating states refuse to hold proper elections or careful recounts? What if some states lower the voting age in ridiculous ways — letting year-olds vote — to maximize their clout? To work well, strong federal oversight would be needed. There is at least one other way that future direct national elections could happen, even without a constitutional amendment. This way — which I also floated in — would involve the two major presidential candidates themselves agreeing, solemnly and publicly long before Election Day, to abide by the national popular vote. Join Opinion on Facebook and follow updates on twitter. Trump is now over 1 million votes, making this the second time a president has been elected without a popular majority since Here they are again.
  • Should We Abolish The Electoral College? | STANFORD Magazine

    We vote for the person who will represent the US in all domestic and international affairs; The President. Currently, we have many troops in Iraq fighting to help them establish a democracy. We are giving the citizens a right to vote, a privilege that many people claim we are lucky to have. In actuality, how democratic is our system overall? What many people don't realize or care to face, is we don't directly vote for our president. In , the majority of us voted for a President who in the end was not determined the winner. There are many other corruptions in our current electoral system, including the underlying racist and sexist roots, voter inequality and other flaws that go against every true democratic principle.
  • The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay - Words | Bartleby

    The only solution and the only way this country could be truly democratic is to abolish the Electoral College. The way a winner is found in most every level of professionalism high school government elections, mayoral elections, even governor elections is by counting the votes and the candidate with the most, wins. However, the Electoral College, the method in which we choose the most important position, President, is an indirect way of voting. This means that when Americans go to the poll every 4 years to vote for our President, their direct votes is not what determines the outcome. The very make up of our election system is flawed. Every state has electoral votes that are equal to their representation in Congress, which is based on population. Every state is promised at least 3 votes this way. After each census, the numbers are adjusted accordingly. However, censuses do not occur as frequently as elections.
  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Answer Key Pdf

    They occur during the first year of each decade, versus every four years we hold an election. Elections that take place during census years use the census for the decade prior. So in , we used the census from Using this method, there is guaranteed to be over or under representation of many states. For example, according to the census, California is allotted 47 electors. However, according to estimations made by the Census Bureau California's actual population in would give them 54 electors.
  • The Dbq Project Should The Electoral College Be Abolished

    Quickly growing states are penalized, while slowly growing states benefit. More importantly, candidates who win support from high-growth states are greatly penalized, while those winning low-growth states are helped Edwards, 2. Because the Electoral College gives greater say in electing the President to some than to others, it is in blatant conflict with the principles of equality among citizens found in the Declaration of Independence Abolish the Electoral College. This is flawed for many reasons. Primarily, this causes any support a minority candidate had in the state to be thrown out. For example, if you lived in Georgia during the election and you voted for Kerry, because Bush won the majority of the state, your vote is given to Bush.
  • Why The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

    Even though voter turn out is notoriously low among minorities, the number of electoral votes does not reflect that. Regardless of voter turnout, the electoral votes remain the same. If a citizen does not vote, in a roundabout way, they are handing their vote to the majority Edwards, There is also concern for the fact that it is possible for an elector's vote to not reflect that of the expectations of the state. I chuse [sic] him to act, not to think!
  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished? By Emilee

    Since then there has been more than 8 cases of faithless votes being cast Peirce, The problem that has brought the Electoral College to the spotlight in the past few years is the fact that the Electoral College winner does not always reflect the winner of the popular vote. This has already occurred three times in history: Rutherford B. Hays vs. Samuel J. Tilden in , Benjamin Harrison vs.
  • Electoral College DBQ Part 2 | Civics Quiz - Quizizz

    Also this should not depend on the government, for the president is serving us, not the government. Annotation Recommended Annotation Visible only to you. If neither candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes, the election for President is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote. DBQ: Using and referencing the above documents, formulate a five paragraph essay which answers the larger question: Is the Electoral College a fair and equitable way to elect the President of the United States? The Constitution gives each state legislature the plenary power to choose the electors who shall It's not an educational institution! After two elections where the Electoral College winner didn't receive the same endorsement from the popular vote since , there are several The Electoral College may not be the best answer for U.
  • Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Dbq Quizlet

    Note that the discussion on this page is mostly written around a tie between two candidates. It should be abolished. Abolish the electoral College Yes, because this country is a democracy and the popular vote should count not the electoral votes. The Electoral College in the US is a body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and the vice president. Get electoral college help at Studypool. There have been over proposed constitutional amendments aimed at fixing or abolishing this process. Garrett Elm-Picard Mr. The United States should switch to direct popular vote and abolish the Electoral College, but it's not going to happen.


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