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    Tag Archives for " transcribeme exam answers " Is Transcribeme A Scam? What Is Transcribeme? Is this a business where you can actually make good money or another program that just rides you hard and puts you away wet? Many are looking for ways to...
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    When you venture into a freelance career, you could start off right away and earn some money with a transcription job or a data entry job. TranscribeMe is one such company to monetise your downtime and can be a good side hustle for a part time...
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    Fill in your basic account details, PayPal account email Id, country of origin, most importantly choose as much transcription languages you may know. Once you complete this registration process, you would be given training on how their online interface works; the style guide you need to follow and finally you would take their two parts of exam to qualify. In case you got qualified in the TranscribeMe transcription test, you would be notified through your email id about your status within 2 weeks.
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    It may extend depending upon how many application they receive! TranscribeMe rules: Though they welcome transcribers without any experience, there are still some skills they look for: Transcribers should be familiar with the syntax sentence structure , English grammar rules, American English accent and diction and a good typing speed 50 — 70 words per minute. You would be first put through an online training program, which shows how their Transcriptionist portal works and then introduced to their style guide. Make sure to take notes and understand their style guide properly to avoid disqualification Once you have cleared their exam and become a successful TranscribeMe work from home transcriptionist, you would be given short chunks of audio file 1- 2 mins to help you get accustomed with transcript process.
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    Since they pay your via PayPal, you need to have a valid PayPal account or your country should allow you having a PayPal account. If you fail the test for any reason, you need to start the exam all over again. I guess they give you 10 reattempts! Lots of people have found the overall test to be okay but found their style guide to be difficult to follow through! Per audio hour means the time taken for the audio to play which is one hour in total. But once you start to type the audio you have listened, it may take more than an hour. It all depends on the audio clarity; your listening skills and how fast you have typed it.
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    Sometimes you need to replay the audio to proofread what you have written. So, if you do a rough calculation for a beginner in transcription job with average typing skills, per audio hour will take you somewhere between two — three hours atleast. The TranscribeMe workhub has relatively steady stream of work all round the year as they attract more clients with a lesser quote. Also, they have an internal promotion model wherein you get promoted as a reviewer quality assurance agents or to higher paying projects if you transcribe exceptionally well.
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    Is TranscribeMe Legit? I know this question to be lingering for a while who are new to TranscribeMe. Because there is a handful of TranscribeMe reviews and their readers pointing to its irregular pay and another handful of readers saying they are paid on time. As far as the internet goes, you need to look at everything with a pinch of salt! You call a company to be legit depending upon the how properly it does business, does it have actual clients and is their payment mode safe and secure?
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    TranscribeMe satisfies all the factors at the professional level and hence they are legit to apply and work for. Sites like TranscribeMe: From the TranscribeMe pay rate estimates, you figured out that the pay is low to average. So, it is advisable to work parallel on other transcription sites like Quicktate , Scribie , Rev , GoTranscript to add up the income. Also read my complete list of transcription jobs for newbies. In doing so, your average monthly income from different online transcription jobs can sum up and become a good supplemental source. Furthermore, invest in a good quality Transcription training course like Trancribeanywhere to know how to get maximum ROI from the time invested in transcribing. Hope you got some insight on this newbie friendly transcription company and let me know your inputs in the comments section. S: You can always enrol in online courses like TranscribeAnywhere to dig deeper into general transcription and convert them into a lucrative career option.
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    Last Updated Jun 17, shares TranscribeMe offers the best transcription jobs for beginners and do not require prior transcription experience. They have a large clientele ranging from business, research, education, and medical fields that anyone who wants to work from home can take advantage of. This is a great opportunity specifically for entry-level transcribers who wish to make money from home as transcriptionists. If you are one of them then this TranscribeMe review is for you. I know this because I was a transcriptionist for a number of years before switching to blogging. For you to make it work, you need proper training and the right mindset. You need someone or a resource that can hold you by the hand and show you the basics of general transcription. So, before we head over to the review, I would encourage you to check out this Free 7-Lesson Transcription Training from Janet Shaugnessy.
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    Janet has been a professional transcriptionist for more than a decade. She created this free course to shorten your learning curve and help you succeed as a paid transcriptinist. You can check it over here at Transcribe Anywhere. They have a designated transcriptionist portal that contains their style guides, audio files to transcribe and a set of rules that a transcriber must understand before getting hired. I will talk more about the TranscribeMe exam below, but my advise is this. If you are planning on working exclusively for TranscribeMe, there is no need to take the free training offered by Janet. How Does TranscribeMe Work? The way TranscribeMe works is very interesting, actually. They use a crowdsourcing system that makes transcribing less tedious and more flexible to the transcriber.
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    Unlike in the traditional transcription setup where large chunks of audio files are sent to the transcriber for transcription. Here, a client submits his or her audio files. The files are split into smaller parts then uploaded to the WorkHub for transcription. Files do vary in length but on average, they range between 10 seconds to one minute. Once all the files have been transcribed, they are again joined together and handed over to the Quality Assurance team for accuracy.
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    The QA team will then add appropriate timestamps and speaker IDs. A final review will be done and the file will be sent to the customer. What is the TranscribeMe Application Process? The TranscribeMe application and hiring process is really straightforward. Anyone who wishes to join the company can do so by filling out the form found on the signup page. These are just formalities. As for the languages, if you know other languages, feel free to select those. Just to let you know. Multi-lingual transcribers earn more money than those who transcribe just in English.
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    So, this will be a big plus for you. The test consists of multiple-choice questions centered around grammar, punctuation and their style guide. Make sure you read and understand the guide thoroughly before proceeding. Once you finish the initial test, the next section will have two audio files for you to transcribe. Remember to use the TranscribeMe style guide and include proper grammar and punctuation when typing out these files. This is the final part of the entrance exam and will determine whether you are eligible for work or not. If you pass the exam, you will be contacted within 12 business days. If you fail, you get two attempts to retake the test.
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    They do pay. How much? Note: According to the transcription industry standards, it takes a transcriber about 4 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of audio. Does this mean they pay well? To earn the best rate, try to complete them as fast and as accurate as you can. Also, the style guide will be on the right-hand side of the interface in case you want to refer something. Here is a TranscribeMe YouTube video to give you more details. Most transcribers say that they love flexible working hours, great support, nice working environment and there is room for growth. What this means is that you get to work whenever you want, and as much or as little as you want. TranscribeMe also has a forum for transcribers called yammer that you can join and get to ask questions and interact with others in your free time.
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    A review can never be complete without the cons, so let me give you the obvious ones. The two cons obvious about TranscribeMe is that the pay is low and work is not always available. You can log in, at times, and not find any files to transcribe. Does TranscribeMe Hire Worldwide? This is a worldwide opportunity accessible to both new and experienced transcribers. Anyone from any part of the world can apply, get accepted, and start making money in the same week of application. Thankfully, you can actually prevent this from happening. Today, I have a great transcriber who has been with TranscribeMe since it started.
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    He understands how the whole process works and will share his tips and insights. Over to you Tim! You will receive an email with further information shortly. Your account will get blocked if you keep producing poor quality transcripts that have unnecessary errors. Transcription accounts are reviewed on a monthly basis. Once your account is blocked you cannot get it back. Their decision is final. So, strive to produce good quality work at all times. Major Causes of Work Rejection 1. Mishears Typing totally different words from those spoken by the speaker.
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    This is misleading and is a misrepresentation of the intended meaning. Make it a point to listen to a file at least three times before inserting [inaudible] 2. Missing Words It is so wrong and unprofessional to type five or six words out of a word sentence. If it is spoken in the present use present tense. Punctuation and Misspellings Make sure to punctuate your work correctly. For example, inserting a full stop where you should be putting a question mark is wrong. Style Guide Adherence In transcription, there are many ways of producing quality transcripts.
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    You have the freedom to transcribe files using different style guides as long as the correct company rules are adhered to. What are Some Minor Errors that may be Overlooked? The most important thing in transcription is accuracy and good word capture. You will not be penalized for minor spacing issues if your transcript is accurate. A misspelled word in a block that is several sentences long is often ignored if your transcript is outstanding. One or two [inaudible] tags, when audio is somewhat difficult while the rest of transcription is superb is acceptable.
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    A missing period or several commas or even a quotation mark, if the rest of transcription is excellent, is often ignored, and your work will still be accepted. Always proofread your transcripts before hitting that submit button. I always look for clear and better audios that I know I can transcribe accurately and with ease. You will not be penalized for canceling jobs that you are not comfortable working on. In fact, you are allowed to cancel as many jobs as you want if you are not comfortable working on them.
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    Take advantage of this privilege and find good quality audios to work on. Note: What you will realize is, as you keep working and as you gain more experience, you will be more comfortable working on a variety of files than when you first started. TranscribeMe Review: Protecting Your Account Actually, this is all you need to ensure your account stays intact, which is what we all want. Need more transcription resources? Feel free to check out these awesome ebooks:.
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    Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked below. Details on offers may change, and you should confirm them with the company prior to taking action. It's an easy way to break into the world of transcription. This review will help you decide if it's right for you! TranscribeMe could be a great place for you to start! If you want to break into the transcription industry, but you don't even know what a foot pedal is, TranscribeMe could be a great place to start! This transcription company lets you work from home , is completely open to newcomers and is a good place to improve your skills on the job.
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    There are minimal equipment requirements, and you don't have to buy any transcription software. Kick back with a cup of coffee and read our comprehensive overview of this job opportunity. Then decide if this is your path to a transcription career — or if it just sounds like a great way to make some extra cash. TranscribeMe Overview Transcription is a straightforward side hustle: You listen to an audio file and type what you hear being said. Straightforward is not the same as simple, however. You'll be listening to speakers of all stripes, from those with heavy accents and those who mutter to those who enunciate clearly. You'll have to deal with cross talk, poor audio quality , look up terms and listen to the same audio again and again. But it's also rewarding work. Your transcriptions may provide captions or make research easier for a person who's hard of hearing or may even be used in legal cases or for medical purposes.
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    Note that being a legal or medical transcriptionist generally involves specialized training. Then you'll have the opportunity to claim any available TranscribeMe jobs. Pick up an audio file, transcribe it and submit it, all through the hub. Files tend to be brief, from 10 seconds to one minute each. TranscribeMe prides itself on crowdsourcing these transcriptions, so the audio submitted to the company is diced into small pieces and assigned to many transcriptionists, who work simultaneously.
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    After all the pieces are completed, the quality assurance department puts the files together. That's the stage when time stamps and speakers' names are added, so you only need to focus on what's said in your audio file, not who's saying it. A quality assurance person will review your work and make corrections as necessary, and you'll get paid for accepted work.


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