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    As the years pass, Dorian retains his princely beauty, while his painted visage grows increasingly wicked, ugly, and aged in appearance. Scandals begin to amass around Dorian, as his close associates meet with social and economic ruin, and some even...
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    James lets him go, only to later learn that Dorian was lying. James continues to pursue Dorian but is later killed accidentally at a hunting party of which Dorian is a part. He soon becomes interested in another girl named Hetty. Soon, Hallward...
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    In the preface be sure to read this , Wilde writes that "there is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Do you agree with Wilde's premise? Does this novel adhere to his statement? What is the relationship between Basil and Dorian Talk about Lord Henry: what code or set of beliefs does he live by? How does he view conventional morality and in what ways does he challenge it? Why, for instance, does he believe it is futile and wrong for the individual to resist temptation? In what way does Lord Henry affect Dorian's character? Why does Lord Henry choose Dorian as his disciple? And what impels Dorian to follow his guidance? What is it that Dorian fears? Is Lord Henry's belief in the freedom of the individual truly evil?
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    Or does Dorian misconstrue it? Does Lord Henry actually practice the ideas he espouses? Does he understand the real life consequences his ideas would have, or does he exhibit a sort of naivete? Talk about the role of the yellow book. Why does Sibyl commit suicide and what impact does her death have on Dorian? Discuss Dorian's portrait. What does it represent? What does it suggest about the effect of experience on the soul? Why does Dorian hide it in the attic? Dorian's scandalous behavior shocks his peers, yet he remains welcome in social circles? What is Wilde suggesting about "polite" London society? Dorian desires to reform his life after the death of James Vane. Why doesn't he succeed? Discuss the ending: what does it mean? Do you find any of these characters believable? Why or why not? If not, do you think Wilde might have purposely drawn them as such? If you know the story of Faust, what parallels do you find in Wilde's novel?

    Why is it important for our kids to read books — good books, and sometimes even hard books! Instead, much more than that happens. Anything might happen in such a meeting! How can we encourage our kids to read classic literature, help them actually get something worthwhile out of it, but also be honest enough to validate any frustrations they feel, and help them move beyond that frustration to something like satisfaction with the experience? Vocabulary must be mastered. Simple devices like symbolism or personification must be introduced. We have them answer questions to make sure they are following the plot. We have them draw pictures when they are young and write papers when they are older describing characters and their relationships with one another…all so that they will be able to understand what they are reading. Comprehending what you read is absolutely vital to success as a student, and even to success in life as an adult.
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    But there is a lot more to reading than comprehension. Checkout Added to cart Reading for Interpretation is another layer, a deeper level of interaction with a book. Inferential Reading adds another experience and set of skills. When we read for inference, we gain knowledge from the book and then reach a conclusion based on that knowledge. We try to predict what will come next, thinking about cause and effect. The conclusion one person reaches may be vastly different from the conclusion reached by another reader. It needs to be okay for a young person to learn something different from the book than what I learned, as long as he or she can take a reasonable stab at sharing with me HOW that conclusion was reached. Teens should get full credit for using their brains as they read, even if they reach an unusual conclusion! Reading for Evaluation is yet another type of reading.
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    When we evaluate a book, we determine its worth. This is a highly subjective process, and it can be empowering for students who are NOT natural bookworms when we teach them to evaluate a book and encourage them to articulate their conclusions. The worth of book can be defined in countless ways. Pick one, and ask your student to evaluate it in light of a particular question. In my experience with my own kids some of whom were NOT bookworms!
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    Checkout Added to cart I was thrilled to have Cathy Duffy review my American Literature study guide bundle and earn her glowing endorsement. You can get the full transcript of my teaching on this topic in PDF format. Printables for summarizing a book or analyzing a character — great for visual learners! Have you thought about using a few movies as opportunities for literary analysis? Yes, it can be a legitimate way to learn in high school!
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    How is he an artist figure and how is he a moral figure in the novel? Describe the character of Lord Henry Wotton. How does he exert his influence on Dorian Gray? Trace the changes that occur in the portrait over time. Choose one of the aphorisms of the Preface and find textual support for it in the novel. Is the aphorism borne out or is it disproven by the novel?
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    Examine the female characters in the novel. Does the novel support that misogyny or just give voice to it? Write a definition of aestheticism and apply it to the triangular relationship among Lord Henry, Basil Hallward, and Dorian Gray. How does his past influence his behavior in life? Examine the normative world of the novel, the world of the people who form the mainstream of the aristocrats. Are there any of its representatives who stands as a positive character? How does the class difference between Sibyl Vane and Dorian Gray function in working out of the plot? Trace the idea of life as art which Dorian Gray lives out. What are the ways Dorian Gray makes art of his life?
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    Buy Study Guide The Picture of Dorian Gray , Oscar Wilde 's first and only novel, is a faustian story of a man who trades the purity of his soul for undying youth. It was written in and first published in the literary magazine Lippincott's Monthly in July, Drew ix. This was a shorter version, without the preface or chapters 3, 5, or , which were added for later publication in These additional chapters, which are now indespensible aspects of the work, introduce the character of James Vane , the vengeful brother of one of the victims of Dorian's many careless affairs. At the time it was published, the novel elicited a sensational amount of negative criticism, with detractors condemning its homosexual undertones and seeming embrace of hedonistic values.
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    The preface was written as a response to the unkind critics of the first edition, blaming them for failing to grasp Wilde's belief that art should be appreciated on purely aesthetic terms, without consideration of morality. The central idea behind Wilde's reinterpretation of the Faust myth appeared several years before he began writing the novel, in the form of a spoken tale that the author would tell to friends, especially young admirers. Wilde was well aware of the story's debt to older tales of selling one's soul, youth, beauty, and power, freely admitting that it was a notion "that is old in the history of literature, but to which I have given a new form" Drew xiv. This "new form" brings the idea of duplicity, of leading a double life, to the forefront of the tale, a theme that is much more dominant in Dorian Gray than it is in Marlowe's Doctor Faustus or Goethe's Faust, which is a typical characteristic of Wilde's work.
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    This theme is explicitly explored, for instance, in the author's most celebrated play, The Importance of Being Earnest. As Wilde's notoriety grew, mainly as a result of this novel's infamy, his enemies continued to use the homosexual undertones and seemingly immoral hedonistic values of Dorian Gray as an argument against his character.
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    Such criticisms continued throughout his ruinous court appearances in At the time, any sort of homosexual act was a serious criminal offense in England. The first published version of the book from Lippincott's Monthly contained much more obvious allusions to physical love between Dorian and Lord Henry, and Dorian and Basil. Wilde had made a point of reducing these references in the revision, but the original version of the novel provided much fuel for his opponents' arguments. After the trials, Wilde was briefly imprisoned, and his literary career never recovered. He moved to the European mainland and lived under an assumed name until his death, in a Paris hotel, in Wilde cited this novel as being primarily responsible for his ruin, speaking of "the note of Doom that like a purple thread runs through the cold cloth of Dorian Gray" Drew xxvii. Only decades after Wilde's death would the work truly become respected as a literary masterpiece.
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    Despite the critical preoccupation with the book's seeming approval of alternative lifestyles, Dorian Gray is a novel that offers much more to both intellectual and artistically sensitive readers. It is primarily concerned with examining the complex relationships between life, art, beauty, and sin, while presenting a compellingly cynical portriat of high society life in Victorian-era London. It examines the role of art in social and personal life while warning against - despite Wilde's claims of artistic amorality - the dangers of unchecked vanity and superficiality.
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    Who does Dorian send his servant to fetch on the morning after Basil's death? Dorian sends his servant to fetch ALan Campbell, a former friend of Dorian. In what particular field of study does Alan Campbell specialize? A lan Campbell speciali z es in the field of science , particularly chemistry. What request does Dorian Gray make of Alan Campbell? Dorian asks Alan Campbell to dispose of Basil's body through the use of chemicals and fire. Why does Alan Campbell agree to do as Dorian asks? Dorian Gray blackmails Alan Campbell with some deedfrom his past when he and Dorian had been friends. Dorian threatens to ruin Alan's reputation if he doesn't do it. Assignment 8 1. What is Dorian's mood when he attends Lady Narborough's party? He is surprisingly calm despite what had happened with Basil.
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    Why does Lady Narborough seem to hate visiting her daughter and son-in-law? She thinks that living in the country is too boring. Whom does Lady Narbourough accuse of being "extremely wicked"? Lady Narborough accuses Lord Henry of being extremely wicked. Lord Henry asks Dorian where he went after leaving early the night before. What "things that were dangerous" does Dorian believe had to be dealt with immediately upon arriving home from Lady Narborough's dinner party?
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    Dorianfeels that he needs to immediately destroy all evidence that Basil had returned to the house, so he buries Basil's ulster and bag. What words did Lord Henry say the first day he met Dorian that now repeatedly play through Dorian's mind? On the day they had met, Lord Henry told Dorian that one could "cure the soul by means of the senses and the senses by means of the soul. Though Dorian believes that forgiveness for his sins is impossible, what is "possible still"? Although Dorian feels he cannot be forgiven for his sins, he could still obtain forgetfulness through drugs. What former friend does Dorian Gray see at the opium house? Dorian meets Adrian Singleton, a man who had once been a close friend, but whose life was ruined through his association with Dorian. Who is the drunken sailor who accuses Dorian Gray in the street? The drunken sailor is James Vane, Sibyl Vane's older brother, who had vowed to kill "Prince Charming" if he ever hurt his sister. Why doesn't the drunken sailor shoot Dorian Gray?


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